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Alent is not just an idea. She is a spirit. Alent is everything you know yet cannot be explained. People often wonder, is Alent God or the name of a religion?  Alent is certainly not either of those things, yet she is both. She is the ideology and theology of what we are taught as kids to be right.   Like Mother Nature.  A secular spirit. A scientific entity without the confines of science. A religious idea without the bureaucracy and limitations of an institutionalized religion. Imagine, a concept of creation without the ridiculous concept of prophets. Conceive of an idea so beautiful that it cannot even be explained by even its most devout believers. It needs nothing. It is within and connecting all of us.  Once you truly understand you will feel it, nobody will be able to take it from you. When you get it, it is yours. She is you and you are her.  Just be..  Alent!

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