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Addiction takes on three basic forms. All three of these conditions feel very real to us.  Not one is more serious or painful than the others.  There are distinct differences, though, and understanding addiction and its cause will help us towards becoming truly full with the love of Alent. 

1.  The “Empty” Spirit – This situation usually stems from when our spirit feels emptiness and is trying desperately to become full.  It takes being in an uncomfortable situation a very long time to get to this stage.  It is an emotional stage as much as it is a spiritual one.  Alent never leaves us because we are part of her.  We can stop feeling her though when we tie ourselves up in the web of discomfort that comes with not being true to ourselves.

2.  Conditioning.  When we have become used to feeling the need for something and trying to satisfy that need over and over again.  We all share the same need for companionship, security, love, stimulation, and acceptance.  Many of us feel we do not get it.  Many of us go through times when we really do not get what we need.  It is human nature to try to “get” something to fill the place inside where we feel empty.  Overeating.  Drinking.  Drugs.  There are endless ways we try to “fill the hole” in our spirits.  Many of them are unhealthy and simply end up making the “hole” bigger.

3.  Misdirected needs.  When our needs become misdirected and we substitute the wrong thing for a real need.  In order to feel companionship, we become promiscuous with people who inevitably do not really care about our well-being.  In order to feel accepted we surround ourselves with many people who often do not really accept us.  In order to feel love we take drugs which only makes us more lonely.   Alent is in us all at all times.  Only through the absence of addiction can we feel her love.

To be free from addiction, no matter which type it is, we must open our hearts and trust the infinite connection and love of Alent.  We must let go, not of the pain inside or the emptiness, but of the things we are doing to try to remedy the negative feelings.  Only from the blackness, the nothingness, can the energy of Alent build up naturally and fill the hole in a real way.  To feel this, we do not need to go to Church.  We do not need to buy anything or even do anything.  All we need to do is stop.  Stop trying.  Stop searching.  Stop gathering the wrong things to fill ourselves.   Sit down and let the pain overcome us.  Face the fear and it will leave.  Alent is in us and around us and connecting us at all times.  What feels like her building inside of our soul is merely your consciousness becoming aware that she is there.   Alent will fill that place inside if we have the courage to let go.

Live.  Love.  Learn.  Let-go.  Gain.  Love.  Be.. Alent!



2 Responses to Addiction

  1. Stan Lewis says:

    It is so true. I read this article about 15 times now. It gives me strength and reminds me I am not alone with my struggles.

  2. Michelle Duffy says:

    I kind of knew this but now it is like I know more about what is happening. How it builds up inside when you just stop. Alent is like that part inside that fills the empty feeling.