Dreams are Divine


People throughout history have contemplated the meaning of dreams.   Anyone who knows Alent knows what dreams are.  They are divine.  This means they are our connection with the infinite.  They tie us to the past, the present, and the future.  Our problems are worked out during our sleep.   It is our minds way to unravel the intricacies of our experiences.   It is Alent’s way to show us the way.


Love shows up in dreams in the most pure way possible.  Without judgement.  Without blame.  Our deepest desires can manifest themselves in our dreams through Alent.  They show us which way to turn but use an artistic, divine set of illustrations.  In our sleep, Alent shows us Love.


Fear is the pain we feel when we do not face the uncertainties of life.  Fear will stop us from seeing Alent and from understanding what she wants us to know.   Each of us is different.  Each of us is special.  It is easy to say we should let go of fear.  It is much harder to say we should face them head on.  Only then can Alent show herself to us.   It is our own fight with ourselves that we do not allow our fears to play out in our lives or our sleeping visions.  Facing a fear before sleep and imagining in our minds that we X it out is one method to stop them from entering our dream state.   See them clearly and consciously decide to block them from coming back while we rest.   Once we are successful of eliminating fear from our spirit we can live a life of Alent-pure love.

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