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There are many ways of looking at what we often call ‘bad luck’.   The majority of the time that people complain of bad luck they are merely finding the consequences of something they did or decided in the past.   The delay between the time that they did something and they suffered some consequence makes them think that the bad consequence was just bad luck.   There is however a spiritual source of bad luck.  Alent clearly outlines this in the Book of Alent.

The most prevalent source of bad luck is wishing ill on others.

This quote is as simple as it is powerful.  It is as true as it is hard to believe.  That wishing ill on others can cause harm to ourselves.  It shows us that the most powerful and positive thing we can do for ourselves is to forgive, forget, and move on.  Anything else only causes harm to us.  To live pure and in line with the rules of nature, to live Alent, is to let things go.  Not to wish bad things to anyone, ever.  Even if we feel they deserve it.  The world and the balance of the universe will deliver any consequences that need to be delivered.  You do not need to.   The path to happiness is to live pure to the laws of nature.  To live in the complex, simple, beautiful world of Alent.  Just be…  Alent!