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One of the most unusual properties of Alent is called Portras.  We often make the mistake of trying to gather when we should be doing just the opposite.   When we feel lonely, we grab at people emotionally.  When we feel bored we scramble for things to occupy our minds.  When we feel stressed we hurry up to find ways to actively relieve our tense feelings.   We act in complete opposite to what we should be doing.   In order to become full we must first become empty.

Water does not flow up hill.   Only the land that is pushed down can receive the water.  It flows to the lowest points.   The tops of mountains become worn.  The lowest land gathers things.  Before we can become full we must first allow ourselves to experience emptiness.   Once this bottom is felt we can find balance.   It is from this equilibrium that energies start to come to us.   We sometimes hear that it is hardest to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend when we are lonely and wish to have companionship.   But when we forget about our needs and simply become content with what and who we are, we find what we need (or what we need finds us).   It is a universal property of the world defined by Alent through Portras that we can gain what we need.  We must first be courageous and strong.  We must yield to our fears and accept the emptiness.  It will soon begin to fill, and we can feel that.   We owe nothing to Alent for this, as she has set these rules long ago.  We merely need to understand these basic principals of the universe and allow them to work perfectly.
So become empty, and be full.  Accept nothing and you will have everything.  Let go, and overcome, and you will experience abundance again.  Live, love, and learn.  Just be..  Alent!