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There comes a time in many people’s life when it becomes apparent that they must move on.   Few people don’t realize when this is the case.   But moving on, or away from something bad is not always so easy.   We have connections to a place, to people, to ideas.   There becomes a spiritual attachment to these things and leaving them surely brings on challenges that we never thought would happen.  Alent is a universal truth.  She is aware even when we think she is not.   Once we have decided to leave, a place can give us many tests.   Enticing us with promises.  Scaring us with fear.  Only the brave can do it and often most people don’t make the move they should.   If and when you open yourself to the infinite, to Alent, then you can break away from anything.  You merely need to 1, decide it is the right move (the easy part) and then 2, open yourself to Alent.  She will absorb your fears and give you the strength you already had inside.   The strength to break away from the codependent relationships that hold you back.  The place that may not be working for you.  The people that want you to be just like them.  Alent is here.  Just ask her.  It works!  Just be, Alent!