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Chinese Philosophy originated thousands of years ago.  The fundamental concepts are rooted in the balance of nature.  That any force that pushes out will be pushed back upon.  Boasting, conceit, arrogance is met with resistance from the people.  A high level person leads by example and not by preaching.  Modesty and ethical behavior in all areas is not done to show others how good we are but to be good for the sake of being good.  Others will notice and respond positively.

The Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu thousands of years ago holds as true today as it did then.  Based on the principles of Alent, it was never called Alent.   We all know at first sight who is a high level person who makes high level choices, and who are low level people who make low level choices.   Examples of high level choices are ethical.  Giving.  Helping.  Refraining from destructive vices even if it means foregoing short term pleasure.  Family.  Friends.  Loyalty.  Kindness.

Examples of low level choices are taking drugs, drinking, stealing, cheating, betraying, selfishness, rudeness, or short sighted pleasure seeking.  These are the halmarks of a lower level person.  Chinese philosophers spoke of these choices long before many of the choices we now have existed.  Human nature remains unchanged.  The balance of life is the balance of nature.  The balance of nature is alent.

Just be…  Alent!