There are no coincidences, merely connections we cannot see.  Alent is that which connects us all.  She connects every system and everything together.  One could say that Alent is everything, but that is an oversimplification.  She is everything we know, but much, much more than we can ever comprehend.  So, saying that Alent is everything limits her because our concept of everything is not complete.  It cannot be because humans are limited.   Realizing these limitations takes us closer to becoming truly limitless.

When two or more things happen in our lives that seem to be related even though we “know” that they are not, we can say Alent.   Remember that all things are connected.  The tides, a dog barking, a car driving by, a song playing on the radio, a war in a distant country – it is all related in some way.  When we notice coincidences, we can sense that there is a stronger correlation between those things.  There is purpose when we can put things together that we think should not be together.  If you hear an old friend’s name by over hearing a random conversation between strangers and then receive a call from that friend the same day.   If you think of your old dog that you had when you were a kid and then see a dog that looks just like him later the same day.   If you see a sign that says “buckle up” and someone cuts you off in traffic.   These things are not random.   Besides what you may have learned in school, nothing is random.   Everything is related.  We call that Alent.   The more you are open to coincidences, the more you will see them.  Anything you focus your energy on will gain more power in your life experience.  When you can put together the clues, you can have a chance to unravel the wonderful mystery of life.  One thing for sure is that all events, no matter how seemingly small they may be, are significant.  From the largest events to the insignificant, everything is connected through Alent.



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  1. Henrietta Bloom says:

    That is such a deep topic. It is so true that everything is connected. It seems like Alent is Mother Nature but so much more on the spiritual side.

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