So many questions have come to us lately we have decided to publish a Frequently Asked Questions page. Please contact us at info@alent.org if you have anything you want to ask or share.

How old is the Alent religion?

It is estimated that the teachings of Alent go back approximately 800 years. The tablets that first mentions Alent’s name and her ideals were translated from those tablets. We are still unfolding much of the mystery behind the history and more research needs to be done.

Does membership cost money?

To become Alent or to join the organization costs absolutely nothing. Donations are requested on the site mostly for the maintenance of the website and the time it takes our designers. Donations are always greatly appreciated.

Who writes the articles on alent.org?

The articles on alent.org were written over the years by groups of Alent followers. It is based directly on the wisdom of the tablets and our interpretation of them. Any person who wishes can write articles and share their Alent wisdom and experiences but it must be approved, edited, or moderated by the core group that founded the organization. This is to maintain the consistency, accuracy, and overall message.


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