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Of all the feelings that people have, Gratitude is not only one of the most important, but one of the most difficult to sustain.  We are very quick to recognize when others make mistakes or cause is inconvenience.  We are often too slow to recognize that we have much to be grateful for.  Gratitude is the way that we appreciate when the infinite balance tilts in our favor.   What this means is that our level in this world, largely determined by our attitude, our alignment of energy, and our perspectives can change based on our decisions.   When we are grateful we say “thank you” to the forces that allow us to have what we deem to be good.  Saying thank you ensures us a positive alignment with the vast web of Alent.   It is good to be grateful, and it is right.  To be good and right gives us the power to gain strength spiritually.  Alent is that balance and we appreciate her by being grateful to anyone or anything we chose.  One of the most appreciated things, believe it or not, is appreciation itself.  When we appreciate others they feel appreciative and the cycle continues.   There is so much to be said for this ripple effect.  Much of Alent’s teachings is based on it.   It shows not only that everything is connected, but how it is connected.   When we put out positive energy of any kind, it effects more than we often realize, in a positive way.   When we display regular appreciation for all that we should be grateful for we put energy into that process.   Be grateful.  Accept gratitude.  Just be..  Alent!