Just Be… Alent!


What does it mean when we say “Just Be…  Alent!”    Well, it goes back to the beginning of our philosophy.   So many of us are taught to be ambitious.   We are taught to try to be this or that.   To be Alent we simply need to exist.  To be.  If you are, then you are Alent.   If you can love and accept love, you are Alent.   If you can appreciate and be grateful, you are Alent.   There is nothing complicated about Alent.   She is the most simple thing in the world.  Yet she is the balance of all life.   One thing yet infinite reach.   If and when we can simplify our thinking and our feelings to just one focus, we can truly understand Alent.   She is inside of all of us and she connects us.   She is everything yet requires nothing.  Just be, and you will be, Alent!


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