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Alent – On Love and Life

Love is the life force that flows within and between all living things. This life force can also be called Alent. Unlike the “God” that we often read and hear about, Alent did not create us or give us life, she merely is everything that is life and is essential for its perpetuation. She requires no prayers or donations, she simply is and is in all of us.

Love and life cannot be separated, as without love, life cannot exist. Love exists in all animals and can be easily observed in animal behavior. Plants can also feel love and exist within love’s realm and cannot exist without its life-giving energies.

Love is Alent, and Alent is love. It should be the beginning of all human interactions, decisions, and actions. Anything done in love is right, anything done in its absence is wrong only proportionally to the exact absence of love. If love could be measured quantitatively, it would be a perfect correlation.

To live Alent is to love Alent, to love Alent is to live Alent. We are all products of her energies and can pass this energy on each day with every action, thought, and gesture we make. To pray to Alent is an investment in ourselves. Please follow the Alent prayers often to reconnect with our own core feeling of Alent. She will not reward you for your kindness, but you will be rewarded anyways. The consequences of kindness is always reward as the punishment for unrighteous behavior reaps different consequences. They are not immediate, but will always come. It is the balance of life and love that we are kind to each other. It is our destiny to give and be one, with Alent. Just be, Alent.

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  1. Aeracura says:

    I absolutely LOVE your website. Ran into your link on spiritualforums – and it’s exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing Alent <3

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