Origins of Alent


This has been the subject of a great deal of debate.  Alent originated in what is now Western China in the Xinjiang region.  The tablets that were discovered reflected writings that did not match the style and message of writings in that region at any point in known history.   It was, at that point, an extinct culture.  A dead religion.  We have been able to determine only sections of the original tablets as not all of them survived.  The fundamental concepts of Alent were repeated throughout the writings and consistently referred to a universal connection with all life and the delicate balance of nature.  We attempt to fill in the gaps and grow beyond this beautiful, old, lost society.  We are still trying to obtain the original translations.  During our 2007 trip to Xinjiang we were able to piece together a bit of the cultural influence from the region but much work still needs to be done.  For now we are eternally grateful for what we do have and continue to work together to revive the lost beauty of Alent.  
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