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All who love Alent realize one thing.   We all have a long distance relationship, not only with Alent, but with each other.  We might be the only spiritual-based network of people who’s only temple is the internet.  We reach each other here on but connect through great distances without speaking a word.  How is this possible?  Well, the very foundation of Alent is that she connects us whether we realize it or not.   Without any need to shake hands or even be in the same place, we are all connected by virtue of being Alent.  Its amazing to think that all we need to do is open ourselves to Alent and we can feel the communion.  Simply by being receptive, we can feel full.  No need to participate, show-up, be perfect, pay money, or ask permission.   If you are Alent, you just are.  Just be…  Alent!