One of the most difficult things that we must do as humans is learn to deal with pain.   From the moment we are born we feel it.   It is normal to feel pain, both physical and emotional.  It is an important part of being alive.   It warns us when we are in a harmful situation.  It teaches us what not to do.  It is our internal response to anything that harms us.   It can feel bad, however.   To be truly happy, many of us try to hide from pain.  We try to forget it.   We try to numb it.  Ignore it.  Run from it.   This is not right.

Alent is not a medicine, but her structure allows us to live happily with any kind of pain.  That structure is the same one that gave us the ability to experience and understand pain in the first place.  Before we can be happy, we must realize that pain is normal.  We all feel it.   Anyone with a body knows physical pain.   Anyone who can feel connection feels emotional pain.  Other people hurt us, and we hurt ourselves.  Situations put us in stressful binds that we try so hard to get out of.  To “let go” properly, we must understand Alent and her infinite reach.

Let it go.  Not the pain.  But yourself.   Your own awareness is not your body and not your experiences.  This is one of the hardest things to grasp.  We are taught our whole lives that our identity is our name, our awareness,  our bodies, and our thoughts.   This is not so.  Our awareness of self is quite different from what we think we really are.   Anyone who meditates begins to realize this.  To get away from our pain we need not hide it.  We merely need to step aside from who we think we are.  It becomes clear.   Once we can see ourselves and the silly things we do from a distance, we can see that most of the pain we are hiding from is not worth hiding from at all.   When we hurt inside, we merely need to step aside and realize that the person that hurts is not us.  Our consciousness, our awareness, it is all tied into Alent.  Our bodies, however, are another facet of our existence.   To let go is not to become indifferent or to not feel.  On the contrary, it is to become connected, not to our identities, but to get away from that and to connect deeper to the infinite – Alent.   This is one of the most difficult levels to achieve.  It will come as you dive deeper into what Alent means and what Alent is.   For now – Just be…  Alent!

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