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The most important thing we can do is stop.   Take time out to clear our minds of the “here and now” and allow our spirits to settle.  Only in this place can we reflect on our days and our lives.  Moving forward without reflection is like driving without a destination.   This destination in our life need not be an actual place but it could be a feeling or a situation.  Whatever we do and whatever we hope to get from life, only through the true balance of nature can we feel our connection with the infinite.  Through this connection with all things we can reflect on ourselves in perspective.  We are truly small.  Our lives mean everything to us but in the overall scheme of things we are only little dots.  We deserve the time to stop and feel ourselves withing that system of the universe and reflect on our feelings and our situations.   Then our paths become clear.  Then our purpose becomes apparent.  Our balance with nature and Alent is one with all and joy can prevail.

Just be…  Alent!