One’s philosophy on spirituality is best seen as a malleable process rather than a static structure. We are not building a building but instead, sculpting artwork that will change and grow with the currents. Knowledge is not something that exists but merely reflects. It is the mirror that shows us something that is, was, or will be. But as those things (or more importantly in cases, the perceptions of these events) change and shift, so must our ‘knowledge’ of them.

We are antennas of the infinite, and therefore our spirituality is not like what we often call knowledge at all. It is not even something we know or can claim is ours. If we are truly spiritual, then we are open to Alent. It is, in essence, the absence of thought or knowledge. Our memories can do little but interfere with our enjoying the spiritual realm of our lives. Our connection with the infinite, Alent

and all of her inclusive spirits, guidance, and supremely interesting events requires nothing that a small child doesn’t have. An open mind and heart. A lack of a frame of reference from which most decisions or perceptions are collected. A small child is open to the universe in ways that the people they will soon become could ever. They will soon taught not to be open to wonder and mystery. They are quickly instructed how to think, how not to think, what is real and what is imagination.

Spirituality. The infinite. Can we feel it? Can we sense it at all levels? A true Alent does. We no longer need knowledge about God or our sacred texts. We no longer need to feel as if we cannot be as Godly as a monk or religious leader. We no longer need to feel empty because the infinite is vast in all directions. When we connect with Alent and the infinite we are free. Free from the manipulations of other people and groups of them. Free from the memories that haunt us and the world that frustrates us. Everything is perfect. Everything is Alent.

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