The Great Prophet


One of the things that truly sets Alent apart from the world’s religions is who our prophet is.   The Christians obviously have Jesus as their prophet.  The Muslims have Mohammad as theirs.  Even the relatively new religion Bahai has Bahá’u’lláh, who was their leader who spoke to God in the 1800’s and taught his followers everything they need to know.   Every religion seems to have this one thing in common, a single person (always a man) who had the supreme privilege of being the one person in the entire world who was chosen to speak with God.   Do you feel this is ridiculous?  We do.  If there is a universal power, an all knowing, all powerful being that can do anything, anytime then why would he chose one person to share with?   Wouldn’t this God speak with anyone open to communicating?  We think so.   Who is the prophet of Alent?  Well,  You are!    

When we are born, we feel everything.   We are unjaded and unbiased.   We look at everything with fresh, new eyes.   Over time we are told what things are.   Everything has a name.  Everything has a use.  At some point we are all taught to accept what is right and what is wrong.   We grow up.  Isn’t it funny how we can pick a geographical area and almost everyone there believes in the same religion?  Is that a coincidence, or is it that humans are tribal animals who are designed to act, speak, and think like those around us?   This is not a flaw, but a survival instinct.   We learn how and what to eat and how to live safely.  What a fortunate time we live in that we can now have access to so much information and ideas.   Isn’t it time that we reevaluated?   Accepting Alent is not denying your faith.  Becoming Alent is not turning your back on your people or being ungrateful for the things that were shared with us growing up.   We all do the best we can do with our lives and our families.   Alent merely opens up the entire world of wisdom and power to those who are brave enough to let go of their preconceptions.  She is mother nature.  She is God.  She is you.  She is me.   She connects us all to each other, our families, nature, and the infinite.  She needs no prophet and respects your intelligence.  She values your right to chose your thoughts and ideas.  She is Alent, and so are you.  If you can feel the infinite forces that guide our world, then you are the prophet.  Never let anyone tell you that you are wrong.  Just be…   Alent!


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  1. Victoria Kornikova says:

    Funny and amazing that you say I am the prophet. I am the first woman prophet then! haha I do love this article it is so right and deep. I just am.. Alent! 🙂

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