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So many people are on a Journey.   A journey not of geography or even of mind, but of spirit.  We go to India, visit temples, read literature, go to church, yet end up with nothing but a collection of interesting experiences.  Our hearts know better, though.  Alent is a way to take a journey and never leave your comfort zone.  Alent is inside of us already.   The beauty of coming to Alent is the great feeling of being welcome.  Alent accepts us and welcomes us long before we ever find her.   She is already there.   Waiting for you to become aware.  

The journey of Alent requires no plane tickets.   It requires no money.   She is right there where she has always been and always will be.   The mother of all mothers.   The journey of all journeys.   Every question you have has already been answered. There is no need to force yourself to have faith.  No faith is required.  There is no need to be anything that you are not or do anything you do not want to do.   Just open yourself up and take a journey into your own spirit and you will see everything.  You will see Alent.   Just be…  Alent!



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  1. Jackson Halmos says:

    I love how you say there is no faith required it seems co counter-intuitive but not really. It makes perfect sense. If you know things or feel things you don’t really need faith.