The Pledge

Row of hands with open palms on blue sky background

All followers of Alent are different.  All who see Alent see her with different eyes and different experiences.  We all have learned, through time, to agree on certain truths and certain values.   This pledge is the latest manifestation of our collective wish to live in a better world with pure Alent.

I pledge to live pure.   To avoid the temptation to bring negativity to myself or others.  I pledge to walk the path from grey to clarity, from the dark to the light.   I value peace.  I help others.  I wish ill-will on nobody.  I understand that there is balance in nature and in our society and I will work towards keeping that balance positive and safe.   I will guide my actions by kindness and love and not let fear guide me or those I love.   I will protect those weaker than myself.   I will use the power that I have in life for good reasons and helpful consequences.   I will always love Alent as I do myself.   I will just be…  Alent.


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