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One of the hardest things we do when we begin to raise our spiritual consciousness is to learn to deal with being hurt by others. Any way we approach it, it comes up the same. Trying to harm another, even when they have harmed us, is wrong. It not only perpetuates the cycle of hurting but it keeps us from healing. The strongest thing we can do to another when they have caused us harm is, believe it or not, to do absolutely nothing. Keeping ourselves positive and on the right path is the most powerful way to live. Allowing another to harm us is not easy. It requires the deep understanding that the balance of life will teach them the lesson that you wish to teach them. You cannot compete with Alent on this front. She will take care of things. This does not mean that he/she will be punished, but there are consequences for our actions. When a person hurts another person they are going to reap the repercussions from that. The “world” as many say, or “Alent” as we say will teach them the lesson. The balance of life and the world is much bigger than us. We are not equipped to enact revenge.

To take this to an even higher level. Not only to understand that simply not harming another to “get back at them” is the right path, there is an ever greater level. To reach out to them with love and understanding. This does not mean to put ourselves in harms way. But to offer our forgiveness but keep a safe distance is the spiritually mature thing to do. It unfortunately is often the people closest to us in this life that cause us the most harm. Keeping your distance is not a bad thing. Love from a distance to protect yourself from their bad choices and to offer them the opportunity to receive the consequences of their choices. Losing you is not your fault. We all make choices. When someone hurts you, leave it to Alent and trust that the positive path is always the best path. For you and for all. Love, Live, Learn, Forgive. ALent.