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We cannot thank our members and followers enough for all of the questions that have been coming in.  One question that has been asked many times recently is how Yoga fits into Alent.  This is an excellent question as it is easy to see Alent in any practice or discipline that uses the body’s energy system and in any way links it to the infinite forces that guide our world.   For some, Yoga is merely exercise, not intended to be a connection with anything great.   For those who truly understand Yoga and the beautiful energy it allows us to tap into, there is no denying that it is a facet of Alent.   The best way to describe it is to compare it to the currents in the ocean.  We can reach our hand in the water and feel the currents.  We can see the water moving.  The currents are merely a local phenomenon of a much bigger picture, the entire sea.  Yoga is putting our hands in the water.  We can feel it.  We know its there.   We can even get in and swim.  We will find ourselves drifting in the currents as we are effected by its strong, persistent energy.  The sea is Alent.  Yoga is one way to feel a very small part of the whole energy system we call Alent.  The deeper and more pure our Yoga practice is, the more we feel the grand power of the universe.  The more we open ourselves up, the more we feel Alent.  Many martial arts, dance, athletics, meditation, even music and other arts can tap into Alent’s infinite energies.  There is beauty beyond imagination.  It is all around us.  It is Alent.  Just be..  Alent!